The Team

Alex Baldoz –

My work consists of visuals that explain forms of connection with other human beings. These connections can be visually represented with illustrations and paintings with representational human forms or abstracted into topographical line works. The effect of these interactions is both represented clearly and literal, and others as more obscure and hidden.

Most of my work is in some form narrative, with a focus of expressing my journey of self-discovery and how the world around me influences many aspects of life. The most important way my work grows, and changes  is from my interaction with other people and both their physical and mental influences. The human form becomes a key element in representing this interaction, as it is the most common presence of influence.



Claire Simpson –

 Living relationships and interactions with the Earth are fundamental ideas that manifest in my work. Trying to heighten my ecological awareness, I use materials that I collect from the Earth to create human size pieces that speak to the undervalued and overused resources provided by our planet. As organic living beings, we have an undeniable connection to our terrains, that is owed respect and maintenance for spiritual and physical wellbeing. 

I arrange and create simple transformations of Earthly materials to create ephemeral moments of reflection. The big picture is impossible to capture all at once, so my work often reflects a segmented approach of collecting pieces and moments of experiences to explore possibilities; like a puzzle or game with no definitive solution or outcome but is played simply for the continuation of the game. Initiating many of my pieces is an observational practice rooted in a meditative awareness and mindfulness exercises. 

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